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Weaving a Web of Life

Michaele Blakely of Growing Things Farm, is a long time farmer in the Snoqualmie Valley. Raising poultry and row crop vegetables for years, Michaele was a driving force at the beginning of Seattle's farmer's markets. Today, she tends a small herd of goats, makes goat milk herbal soaps and gifts and continues selling at local markets when they're open. This spring as farmer's markets closed, she set up a farm stand at the end of her driveway and sold plant starts to avid gardeners. Since making this video, Michaele has joined a coop with other producers that are delivering fresh food and household supplies to Seattle neighborhoods, sells at local farm stands and envisions roadside stands returning to the Snoqualmie Valley. As for resiliency, Michaele says, "farmers are the ones who can change a tire while the car is still moving!"

The Snoqualmie Valley is a stunningly beautiful place on earth. A perfect place for a Sunday drive to the country to pick up your week's supply of fresh vegetables, fresh air, vibrant scenery and a chance to visit the real people who produce local food.


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