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2023 Saturday Herb Workshops

March, April, June, September, October, November



$75. for each Saturday workshop  (click here to go directly to online registration)


Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm


  • Each Saturday workshop with EagleSong Gardener includes a talking stick ceremony, a garden plant/herb ID walk, 1 local food lunches and all instruction. Bringing herbs to life!

  • Course content is determined by garden allies in residence, rhythms & patterns in nature and guided by wise woman ways...The croft is in a dynamic state of flux...allowing new material, information and decomposition to move through naturally. The following is a general outline of the territory we'll be passing through...Guest presenters may join in. 


March 11  l  Saturday Hands-On Herbs  Grounding In Place, Navigating in Motion

Grounding in place with seasonal rhythms & patterns in nature. The art, craft & science of simpling. Engaging optimum nourishment year round. Preparing early spring greens & tonics. Nettle root, violet, chickweed, shot weed, arugula, lungwort. Does a weekend in the country cure or cause Spring Fever? Come find out!


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April 8 |  Saturday Hands-On Herbs  Spring Gardens and Foraging Field Trip

Foraging wild & cultivated food in the dooryard, at the croft and a local farm! You'll make nettle soup & harvest wild salad in the gardens. Meet dandelions, sorrel, horsetail, willows & spring flowers. Make green medicine. Taste spring tonics. Bite buds. ID local plants and learn how to use them. 


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May 13 - 14 | Weekend Garden Camp 

From growing gardens large & small to cultivating a multi-species habitat. A full weekend of garden design, soil, fertility, compost, and propagation in harmony with nature. You'll learn No-Dig, mulch, permaculture principles in this 31 year eclectic research garden. BOCA: No-Turn Compost system, eclectic gardens. You'll meet local, native & exotic plants you can grow! Learn more

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June 10 | Saturday Hands-On Herbs & the Immune System

Immune system, lymphatics, respiratory toning and strengthening. Reducing inflammation, cooling fire, soothing, moistening, nourishing...with Elder Flower, Astragalus, Echinacea, Linden, Hawthorn flower & leaf, Roses. Summer. Joy. 

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July 8-9 |  Weekend Herbal Medicine Maker's Camp 

Hands-On: Herbal Medicine Making where you create herbal medicines right in the garden to take home and use in your home...Learn more

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August 12 - 13 | Weekend Food Camp, Unleashed

Hands-On: Local & global food traditions through time & place. Digestion. Gut. Intelligence. Intuition. First Harvest. Fulfillment. Learn more

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September 9 | Saturday Hands-On Herbs & the Heart

Heart health, circulation, blood; apples, hawthorn fruit, ginger, cayenne, zanthoxylums. Bioflavinoids, free radicals, adaptogens and longevity. Movement. Happiness...

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October 14 | Saturday Hands-On Herbs  Roots, Seeds & Sinews

Roots and seeds, elecampane, comfrey & dandelion roots, bone broth. Harvesting & processing seed. More rockin' dirt time! An in-depth exploration of joints, ligaments and the sinews that hold you together. Flexibility. Resilience. 

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November 11 | Saturday Hands-On Herbs Visioning, Story Medicine, Transformation 

Magical plants, visioning, love potions, natural scent therapy, dream pillows, flying ointments. Approaching darkness. Talking story. Falling. Spiraling. Transformation.

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