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Summer Delight - Greek Salad - Horiatiki

This year we prepared the tomato bed that has laid dormant since my mom died 13 years ago. She grew tomatoes in the same bed for close to 20 years while she lived at RavenCroft Garden.

Four inch pots of Sun Gold, Manitoba and Early Girl tomatoes were purchased, planted, top dressed with compost and let to grow with occasional watering.

A wild, rambunctious tomato bed resulted. Today, there are tomatoes ready for salads, fresh eating and cooking many ways!

I can't help but believe my mom's energy is still at work in this small bed!

The seeding, planting and tending that filled the days of spring and early summer are coming to fruition in this the season of first harvest.

Horiatiki, the country salad of Greece, is on the menu today. Cooking from the garden, truly a pleasure this time of year.


Horiatiki: Greek Country Salad


Tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, red onion, Greek olives, feta cheese, Greek oregano

Dressing ratio:

3 parts Olive oil, 1 part red wine or balsamic vinegar, salt to taste


Cut vegetables into chunks, remove cucumber seeds if large, toss in salad bowl...add dressing ingredients, toss again. Serve...Make lots, it stores well!


From garden to table...

What's on in your garden today?