RavenCroft Garden

RavenCroft Garden

is an emerald garden in the midst of surrounding city, suburban and rural landscapes. A working croft, a small holding dedicated to generative living. A simple garden, a place where women, witches, faeries, goats and goddesses forage, frolic and transform. 2021 is RavenCroft's 30th anniversary cultivating a place for women and the goddess integrated with earth.


Women's Sacred New Moon Lodge

A wisdom spiral for women of all ages.

Women's Sacred Moon Lodge is free and open to all women...

We meet in the garden, share stories, dreams and song. We sing & dance; laugh & cry, pass the Talking Stick, honor women's wisdom, outside 'round a fire, offerings of wood for the fire or tea candles in wet weather always welcome! (an indoor space opens when wet weather prevails.

Each circle reflects the needs and desires of the women attending in the way of the oldest healing tradition on earth. 
A container is created and each woman adds her desire to a cauldron honoring women and the earth, the fire burns, we rejoice in the turning.  Learn more

Garden Opens/Seasonal Celebrations

Everyone Welcome!

Garden & apothecary open11:00am ~ 4:00pm

Garden Tour at Noon

Micro-Teaching at 1:00pm

Seasonal Celebration & Blessing of the Rounds at 2:30pm

A time for gathering in the garden in celebration of the ever unfurling spiral of life. Seasonal gateways offer a moment of pause...we look back, stand rooted and look forward navigating life lived well. Learn more