Applications now being accepted for 2021 Apprenticeships...


2020 Apprenticeships at RavenCroft Garden continue with Covid safety precautions in place...self-care is essential care

HGU: Women & men welcome to apply

LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship for women only

Health From the Ground Up (HGU) is a unique offering providing a comprehensive approach that preserves traditional relationships between local plants, earth medicine and people wise in their culture and use. The experience opens the door to a way of life that is cumulative, much as trees grow through time adding a ring each year.

HGU recognizes health, wholeness, holiness are in our hearts, hands and homes wherever we are. This path is simple, messy and fun! And, anyone can do it. HGU offers practical skills for cultivating personal, community and planetary health which radiates from a simple wisdom that nurtures vitality, longevity and generative living.

HGU Apprenticeships run 9 months. Once your commitment to go from a student to an apprentice is realized, you enter a deeper level of learning. HGU apprentices have access to working herb, flower & vegetable gardens, an extensive library, and on-going processes vital in generative living. 


"By choosing natural health going to nature to learn just makes sense." eaglesong

HGU: Beginning: is to develop a practice of personal health using dooryard herbs, simple ritual and compassionate communication held by seasonal cycles.

Upon completion HGU you will deepen as a:

  • Keeper of Herbal Wisdom

  • Keeper of an Accessible Healing Path

  • Keeper of healing skills & tools that quicken and maintain connection between people and with earth

  • Keeper of Wisdom to Cultivate Life & Give Death

LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship for women only

Offers a unique opportunity to experience Hands-On herbal practice, walk in the everyday way of herbs and create health by cultivating life. Participate in generative life ways, workshops, moon circles, spirited plant medicine, gardens, goats, cheese, local foods, surprises and much more. Each session has an in-depth focus with field trips and workshops that support learning. For those enrolled in academic programs this apprenticeship offers a daily practice that brings herbs to life to further adjunct your personal learning.

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