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Lemon-Kelp Tea for "Seasoning"

Over the years, a handful of remedies became our go-to allies for different maladies and the discomforts of daily living. As the weather shifts from summer to fall, the body makes adjustments while settling into the new season. This can also occur when changing climates while traveling. In some circles, this is referred to as "seasoning". Some of the symptoms associated with "seasoning" may include sniffles, a cough or cold.

Lemon-Kelp Tea with Elecampane Honey

Lemon-Kelp Tea is one go-to favorite for the fall season here at RavenCroft Garden. Soothing and nourishing on its own, this is what I call a "seed" tea. A simple base tea that can be adjusted to fit different situations.

Kelp is:

  • Mineral rich

  • Nourishes the glandular systems of the body as they adapt to environmental changes

  • Nourishes the body's juices: digestive juices, joint juices, emotional juices, even erotic juices. Seaweed brings the ebb and flow of the ocean into the body's flow...thus supporting change

  • Increases immune function

  • Algin in the seaweed supports the body's removal of metabolic waste


  • Reduces inflammation

  • Enhances enzyme function necessary for removal of metabolic waste through the liver and kidneys

  • Contains Vitamin C

Elecampane Honey added to the tea:

  • Brings warmth

  • Is sweet, pungent and bitter

  • Systemically anti-viral.

  • A soothing herb for the respiratory system, elecampane is a demulcent expectorant herb, alleviating dry, unproductive coughs by softening phlegm making a cough more productive. Elecampane also improves digestion with its rich inulin content and warming pungency, allowing the body to better absorb nutrients.

This simple remedy is quick to make, soothes and comforts as the body adjusts to change. A perfect ally for seasoning as we move into winter. May the tea be with you!


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