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Weaving a Web of Life

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

First Light Farm's Spring Daffodils

It all started at the Sno-Valley Seed Exchange back in February where I met up with some of my earthy women friends. Seeds for the garden and seeds of connection were sown once again. Little did I know that the world would look so different when I began conjuring Weaving a Web of Life as an on-going thread in the RavenCroft Garden blog.

A series celebrating the farms, farmers, education centers and restaurateurs, some of the local food distribution hubs in the Snoqualmie, Snohomish and Sammamish valleys.

Food, herbs and herbal medicine have been braiding a strong thread through my life for decades. Even in these changing times, it is reassuring to see positive growth and change in the valleys around RavenCroft as more people become interested in where their food comes from and how it is grown.

Each of the farms represented brings a unique approach in how they get food to people. By having diverse delivery mechanisms food has a better chance of moving to where it is needed. This is a web of life. All of the people I've interviewed are passionate about what they're doing. Their motivations vary, their outlooks for the future are as diverse as their passions. And, there is one thing they all share, resilience and a trust in the earth to provide. I hope you enjoy reading about them and will get out to meet them soon. Together we support their efforts and continue weaving a web of life between producers and eaters in the Pacific northwest.

First Light Farm, Carnation, WA

Jane Reis, Farmer Jane of First Light Farm and Learning Center in Carnation WA, describes how her work teaching college brought her to growing food. "At First Light Farm, we live out our mission of healthy soils = healthy families = healthy communities through our educational programs, our commitment to caring for the soil through no-till/minimum tillage, applying sustainable best practices, and caring for and respecting our staff and customers through fair wages, transparent business practices, and excellent customer service. 


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