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Egg Salad with Spring Herbs & Rice

Egg Salad Recipe

Spring is really popping here at the Pacific Wise Woman Center. Daffodils and baby goats arrived about the same time! Seeds are planted in flats in the tiny green house and the chickens are laying, laying, laying.

What to do with all those eggs?

Inspiration struck as I prepared for the Sno-Valley Tilth farmers potluck this evening. The following egg salad is a hearty adaptation of the sandwich version and doesn't require bread. Although, a big green leaf would work well to get it to your mouth!

Egg Salad with Spring Herbs and Rice

12 eggs hard-boiled

1/3 cup mayonnaise

1/3 cup yogurt

1/2 cup minced spring herbs...I used dandelion, chive and sorrel. Any herb or wild greens that you enjoy will work. Adjust to taste.

Salt & pepper to season

1 cup cooked rice, plain or gussied up...I used brown rice cooked with kelp, codonopsis & mushrooms.

Mix all ingredients together, adjust dressing to desired consistency. Enjoy.

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