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2021 Women's Moon Lodge  
RavenCroft Garden

Monroe, WA

Celebrating Grandmother Growth

A wisdom spiral
for women of all ages


Women's Moon Lodge is free and open to all women.


We sing, dance, cry, pass the Talking Stick, honor women's wisdom, outside 'round a fire.

Offerings of wood for the fire or tea candles in winter are welcome! 
Dress for the weather. Lodge is outside under cover.


Each circle reflects the needs and desires of the women attending in the way of the oldest healing tradition on earth. 
A container is created and each woman adds her desire to a cauldron honoring women and earth, the fire burns, we rejoice in the turning...











Sound nourishing? 

May your feet find their way to this Moon Lodge

Moon Lodge begins at 7:00pm sharp!

March ~ November


No registration needed


Please Note: Arrive after 6:45pm...Moon lodge goes until we're done


For directions: Email at least 1 week ahead


2021 Moon Lodge Dates

March , April , May , 

June , July , August , 

September , 

October , November 

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