2020 Garden Opens 
RavenCroft Garden

Monroe, WA

Celebrating Seasonal Rounds

in an Herbalist's Garden


Garden Opens are an opportunity to come together to celebrate growing abundance. 

Join us as we acknowledge the turning of time and delight in a garden.

Each Garden Open features a Garden Tour and a Small Workshop that puts

forward something of interest for herbalists and gardeners alike. 

Whether creating compost, enjoying natural scent therapy, learning the ins and outs of seed culture, or making a simple, effective herbal preparation,

there will be a Small Workshop to put skills in your herbalist/gardener's tool kit.


Garden OPEN Schedule of the Day 
11:00am Garden & Shop OPENS

12:00 NOON Garden Tour & Celebration

1:00pm - 2:00pm Small Workshop $35.

3:00pm Garden & Shop CLOSES

February 2

Welcome Spring:  

A Celebration of the Triple Goddess & Give-Away

March 22

Vernal Equinox: Seed Blessing at Noon

Small Workshop: Seeds: Becoming a Seed Keeper

May 3

Beltane Ritual: Fertility Fete at Noon

ONLINE Workshop coming: BOCA: No-Turn Compost System

June 21

Summer Zenith: Weed Blessing at Noon

Small Workshop: Making St. Joanswort Tincture & Oil 

August 2

Lammas: Breaking Bread at Noon

Small Workshop: Grains of the World 

September 20

Fall Equinox: Earth Blessing at Noon

Small Workshop: Digging Roots & Planting Bulbs...

October 31-Nov 1

Cross Quarter: Earth Witch Intensive

December 20

Winter Solstice: Bonfire

Winter Spiral Celebration 

Song, Dance and Feasting

See you in the garden!


Please note:

This is an invitation to join me at my home, RavenCroft Garden.

You are welcome to come for the day...

and/or join me for a Small Workshop as noted above.


There is no charge for GARDEN OPEN Days but you do need to call ahead to RSVP

For the Small Workshops let us know you are coming 

at least 1 week before the Garden Open to ensure supplies are on hand for your participation.

We look forward to seeing you and want to receive you well.

You are welcome. Be sure to let us know you are coming.

We need to consider parking strategies.

Thank-you for your consideration.


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