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2019 Garden Opens 
RavenCroft Garden

Monroe, WA

Celebrating Seasonal Rounds

in an Herbalist's Garden


Garden Opens are an opportunity to come together to celebrate. 

A time to visit and enjoy an herbalist gardener's year.

Join us as we acknowledge the turning of time and delight in the garden.

Each Garden Open features a Garden Tour and a Micro Teaching that puts forward 

something of interest in an herbalist gardener's year. 

Whether creating compost, learning to start a fire with a bow drill, getting to know

the pollinators in the area or making a simple, seasonal herbal preparation

there will be a micro-skill shared to put in your herbalist/gardener's tool kit.


Garden OPEN Schedule of the Day 
11:00am Garden & Shop OPENS

12:00 NOON Garden Tour

1:00pm-2:00pm Micro-Teaching

4:00pm Garden & Shop CLOSES

March 17

Vernal Equinox


May 5


BOCA Composting

June 23

Summer Zenith:


August 4

Kindling Fire

with Liz Crain of Leafhopper Farm

September 29

Fall Equinox

Senescence, Roots, Planting Bulbs...

November 2

Cross Quarter: 


See you in the garden!


Please note:

This is an invitation to join us at our home, RavenCroft Garden. Please plan to spend the afternoon.


There is no charge for GARDEN OPENS. Please REGISTER your intent to come

at least 1 week before the Garden Open.

We look forward to seeing you, want to receive you well and need to consider parking strategies.

Thank-you for your consideration.


Directions will be sent upon registration.