2020 LIA Registration OPEN Now!

2020 LIA: Women's Live-In Apprenticeship

Two Week Sessions: March - November

Tuition: $1100. US

Lodging, food and all instruction, a 2 day Hands-On Workshop or 3-Day Integrated Earth Medicine Camp are included in tuition.

Herbal Apprenticeships begin the first Monday of the following months: 
March 9th, April 6th, May 4th, June 8rd, July 6th, August 3rd, No September LIA, October 5th, November 9th

Is it time to put down the herb books and live it? 
This is an opportunity for you to engage the grounded, uplifting experience of 
hands-on herbalism of place! 


Apprentices will learn:

  • How to identify plants for food, medicine, fiber, fire and building in a generative garden

  • How to grow and forage many herbs while tending a sacred hoop

  • How to tend gardens and animals, naturally

  • How to cultivate & maintain hedges and edges, podges and fedges! Boundaries of all kinds...

  • How to approach living systems

  • How to find your green ally and converse with plants

  • Three traditions of health and navigating seven rivers of wellness

  • How to simply and safely make and use medicines in your own home

  • How to keep yourself healthy and approach possibility

  • How to create optimum nutrition with traditional food cultivation and preparation 

  • To engage in wisdom circles and moon lodges with women

  • To develop an understanding of health using elemental energy and seasonal cycles

  • To communicate with other than worldly entities and Goddess archetypes

  • How to see and feel Earth based anatomy and how death is part of life  

  • How to access the wise healer within

  • How to live in truth and beauty 

  • Optional initiation as a green-earth witch  


















Registration is a 3-step process

  1. Send a letter of intent (see below) and $100. non-refundable application fee

  2. Phone interview

  3. Upon acceptance proceed with tuition payment as agreed in phone interview


Send letter of intent and application fee to:

EagleSong Gardener 

PO Box 837

Monroe, WA 98272

Include the following in your letter of intent:

  • The current date, your name, address, phone number, email, occupation, health concerns and date of birth. 

  • List your educational experiences, work positions and passion relating to herbs and healing. 

  • Tell me what you hope to gain from your apprenticeship with me 

      Include a $100. non-refundable application fee.

  • Upon receipt, I'll schedule a call and talk with you. Afterwards, if we are in agreement, I’ll send you a letter of acceptance, annotated reading list and supplies you will need to bring. ​

  • In the rare event I cannot fulfill your intention, your application fee and letter of intent will be returned.


  • Apprentice tuition must be paid in full 14 days before you begin. 

  • All apprentice fees are non-refundable but may be used at any time. 

  • Please apply by postal mail. 

  • Payment may be made by check, money order or credit card by phone. 



Apprentice lodging choices are:

  • Camping close to earth under the stars. Bring your own tent.

  • The Hawthorn Cottage, a rustic abode with kitchen, no running water

  • Womb/Seed Room, a lofty abode in the women's library in the main house

In and around the main house:

  • Kitchen

  • Dining room

  • Upstairs living space of resident crofters

  • Office

  • Bathroom 

  • Reference libraries for herbs, gardens, goddesses, seeds, food and animals

  • Dooryard Garden with outdoor kitchen

  • Porches for greeting the sun in the morning and bidding her adieu at day's end

The Shop houses:

  • A great room when weather prevents outdoor teaching

  • Herbal Apothecary 

  • Storage

Note: Our septic system is small, residents are asked to enjoy only 1 indoor shower per week, bathing and toilet facilities are in the main house.


Food for Apprentices

Food is simple, fresh and local as possible. We make yogurt and cheese, eat from the garden and (h)edge, trade with local farmers and enjoy the bounties of our local forest, streams and sea. Let me know any dietary needs ahead. 

WE/B Work Exchange/Barter Option for those staying beyond 2 weeks

Apprentices going beyond 2 weeks can offset their fees by working while here.

The Work Exchange/Barter program is rigorous but does not involve missing class time. Please ask for guidelines for WE/B. 


Refunds of Apprentice Payments

Due to the nature of the commitment required of apprentices no refunds are offered. Unsure about committing? Check out other options for visiting RavenCroft Garden or working with me, Seasonal Herb Camps, Weekend Workshops, Herb Walks, Garden Opens. Consult your dreams. Your commitment is taken seriously by the universe and by me and we trust you also take it seriously.

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