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Food, Medicine, Magic

Hawthorn, Crataegus sp.

A heart nourishing tonic for everyday life...

So many ways to bring Hawthorn to your garden, orchard, hedge, kitchen,

medicine chest, life...

Hawthorn, Crataegus spp. courageous medicine for times such as these!

Davis, CA

May 17-18, 2019

Build a BOCA Compost System

Hands-On Workshop in Carnation, WA

Sunday May 26, 2019

10:00am - 1:00pm

Square Moon Garden

Carnation, WA 



Directions sent upon registration

You will learn to create a simple, effective & versatile composting system by building a BOCA in this 3 hour hands-on workshop. BOCA's flexibility allows this system to work equally well in home gardens & commercial sites. This is an economical, no-turn compost system and makes the process of composting as easy as it gets!
EagleSong, a 40 year practitioner of composting, delights in dispelling the many Myths & Misconceptions around compost and composting. She is dedicated to the belief that we can Make Gardens Fun Again!

BOCA means MOUTH in Spanish...find out how this system got it's name.

Workshop Includes: Hands-on instruction, Garden snacks, Nourishing Herbal Infusion 

*Note: This workshop will be filmed...

Bringing Herbs to Life

at 21 Acres Center for Local Food & Sustainable Living, Woodinville, WA

Wednesday, June 26

6:30pm - 9:30pm




Herbs are people’s medicine. They are available to everyone. They are everywhere. And, in this easy, messy, fun approach, you can really brings herbs to life, your life! By learning 3 approaches to herbs and plant medicine, learning how to use and trust your senses, simply dividing herbs into 4 catagories: nourishing, tonifying, stimulating/sedating, potentially poisonous, and finding your wise healer within, you will be able to make educated decisions about bringing herbs to life...your life whenever you like! 


In this 3-hour hands-on workshop, you will learn: 

  • How to use plants safely and wisely and leave expensive supplements behind

  • Differentiate 3 approaches to herbalism that empower you to choose herbs for yourself in any given circumstance 

  • Come to your senses and begin a safe, effective herbal journey for your life

  • Journey to your wise-healer within in a guided meditation in the garden. A relaxing journey you can use anywhere, anytime to help you navigate this topsy-turvy world


This is an evening of mind expansion, body nourishment, and engaging a sense of wonder as you begin bringing herbs to life in a whole new way.


What to bring:

  • A notebook or journal

  • A blanket or mat for outside use

  • Your questions 

  • A curious mind and an open-heart to open an invisible gateway to health 

Adaptogens: From the Ground Up

at 21 Acres Center for Local Food & Sustainable Living, Woodinville, WA

Wednesday, July 10

6:30pm - 9:30pm




An experiential exploration into the wonders of adaptogens for everyday living...

If you’re interested in herbs, you’ve probably heard the word, ‘Adaptogen’. Adaptogen is a relatively new word in the lexicon of herbalism, coined in the early ’60’s, but the benefits of this group of herbs are known and used in every culture around the planet. The criteria for a plant to be classified as an adaptogen requires the plant be “non-toxic, have non-specific action and be generally beneficial to the whole organism”.

You might ask, “how can an herb that is relatively non-toxic, non-specific and generally good for the entire organism improve your quality of life?”


Join EagleSong Gardener, an herbalist with 40 years experience dancing with plants and their medicine to see just how easy it is to ally with adaptogens to improve your health and increase vitality every day. 


In this evening class, you’ll meet 6 herbs, local and global: nettle, oatstraw, hawthorn berry, ashwaganda, astragulus and codonopsis. These 6 simple herbs come from 3 global herbal traditions and represent 6 botanical families. And, if you’re a can grow them right here in the Pacific northwest!


You will learn how these herbs can:

  • Increase flexibility

  • Improve immune response

  • Strengthen resilience

  • Increase energy, vitality and innate bodily intelligence

  • Improve sleep

  • Effectively increase the ability to deal with a variety of stressors 

  • Encourage the body’s capacity to normalize functions in the entire body

  • Keep you in the adventure of life as an active participant


During this 3-hour evening workshop you will:

  • Learn how easy it is to bring the beneficial qualities of adaptogens into your daily life

  • Sample several adaptogenic herbal preparations and taste how delicious they are

  • Receive easy to make recipes for each herb that you can try at home

  • Make and take home an 8 oz. adaptogenic herbal vinegar 

What to bring:

*A notebook or journal

*An 8-oz jar with a tight fitting lid

*A blanket or mat for outdoor use 

*A sense of curiousity to see with whole new eyes


Cooling Fire: Meeting Inflammation Head-On

at 21 Acres Center for Local Food & Sustainable Living, Woodinville, WA

Wednesday, July 24

6:30pm - 9:30pm




In this evening workshop, you will learn which foods, herbs and lifestyle practices are your best allies to meet inflammation head-on. It is now understood that inflammation is at the root of much disease. And, inflammation is also used by the body to heal as part of the immune response. 

EagleSong will unravel the threads of inflammation in simple accessible language so you can assess the difference between beneficial acute inflammation and deep seated chronic inflammation and how each affect your life. Pain, heat, redness, swelling or loss of function in your body means inflammation is present. Stiffness, allergies, indigestion may be associated with inflammation that has settled deeper in the body and become chronic. By learning skills & practices you can do on your own you can use both kinds of inflammation to enrich your life.


In this evening’s workshop you will:

  • Meet herbal anti-oxidants

  • Explore free radicals and oxidative stress and how they affect your body

  • Meet 3 foods rich in bio-flavanoids: Berries, brassicas, citrus. You’ll sample flavanoid rich foods, learn what makes vegetables such powerful foods for health and receive easy recipes to take home so you can weave these foods into your daily life.

  • Meet 3 anti-inflammatory herbs, Willow, Cottonwood and Linden and learn how to make 3 different herbal preparations with them. A linden infusion, a willow tincture and an infused oil of cottonwood buds. 

  • Learn how Cottonwood grows and why these trees are called bio-engineers. Discover how cottonwood’s growth habit is an indicator of how the plant reduces inflammation in the human body and on the earth. 

  • Make a simple comfrey poultice for first aid in acute situations such as sprains, strains and surface wounds. This is the simple, messy and fun part!


Learn techniques for engaging nature’s abundant resources to:

  • Reduce pain

  • Relieve general and specific inflammation, both acute and chronic

  • Boost your immune response

  • Improve your skin

  • Improve your overall health

  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease


What to bring:

  • A mug

  • A blanket for sitting/lying under the cooling cottonwoods on a summer evening 

  • Your enthusiasm for engaging the energizing fire of life while learning strategies to fend off and ameliorate debilitating inflammation

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