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3 Gifts From the Hag's Cauldron

EagleSong Gardener
Herbalist @ravencroftgarden

Hag: Old English for hedge
Hag-Crone: Elder woman of the hedge
Hawthorn: Main tree in the hedges of the British Isles

Gift 1

 Make a Hawthorn Amulet

Wear to engage and enliven your soul's purpose 

To begin, find a living hawthorn tree. 

    Once you have sighted a hawthorn, take time to observe her from a distance. 
    What does she look like? 
    Who lives around her? 
    Who visits her branches? 
    Who travels on the ground around her?

Once you have taken time to see this tree as part of a larger community 
    Approach her. Introduce yourself.
    Ask if there is anything you can do for her. Take time to listen. What do you hear?
    Does she want a connection? You must really listen in your heart for her guidance. 
    Upon connecting, inquire if you might take some part of her to create an amulet to
    deepen your shared connection. 

Now, if it’s a go…
    Find or stitch a small bag made of natural fibers. 
    This can be as simple or ornate as you like. 
    Place the tree pieces leaves, flowers, thorns, fruits, etc. into the pouch. Invite her to be part of this                process.
    Ask how to proceed…

If you do not have access to a living tree yet, you can use the seeds from the haw fruit
    in the Hawthorn Decoction to create an amulet. You will need some tangible part of a                                hawthorn tree to make a hawthorn amulet.

You can ask this amulet to guide you to a living hawthorn to continue your journey. 

Gift 2 

Hawthorn: What’s it good for?

    Crataegus spp: is rich in vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds which strengthen and tonify the            heart. Significant levels of B-vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin C, saponins and various anthocyanidins that act      as antioxidant compounds within the body. Flowers, leaves and fruits of hawthorn can be used fresh,          dried, in jellies, syrups, oxymels, wines & tincture. 

Regular use of hawthorn can:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Increase the effectiveness of the heart's pumping action

  • Strengthen the heart muscle

  • Slow the heartbeat

  • Dilate coronary arteries

  • Prevent heart disease, heart attack, and stroke

  • Help those healing from heart surgery

  • Support the immune system

  • Increase longevity

  • Increasing coronary and myocardial circulation


There are no contraindications and no overdose of hawthorn. It is safe to take with any other medicine, including other heart medicines although monitoring to determine whether other medications need modification when Crataegus is eaten.


Gift 3 

Boil & Bubble Hawthorn Fruit Decoction 

  Gives spirit and courage a home by

nourishing and strengthening the physical heart

Easy Thermos Method 

    1 cup dry Hawthorn fruit
    1 quart boiling water

    Place Hawthorn fruit in a 1 quart thermos 
    Pour boiling water into thermos, replace lid, steep overnight (8 hours)
    Long steeping extracts the tightly held nutrients and properties in the dry fruit. 
    Strain and enjoy this long steeped brew as often as you like.


    Play around with steeping times to experience the difference in taste at 
    2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. Have fun! Use often...

Ignite Your Phoenix Soul 

Live Your Life's

Hawthorn has been a guide and ally in my soul journey. She is a nourisher and strengthener of the physical, emotional and spirited heart. If you are new or seasoned on your journey with plant allies, support on your path is helpful. Now is the time to put aside your fears and doubts and own what it is you're here to do. Hawthorn offers much to a heart that is willing.


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