2020 Hands-On Herbs Weekend Herb Workshops

March, May, July, September, October, November


Registration: $150. for each 2-day weekend workshop

Saturday, 10:00am - 3:30pm

Sunday 10:00am - 3:30pm 


Each weekend workshop with EagleSong includes a daily talking stick ceremony, a garden plant/herb ID walk, 2 local food lunches and all instruction. Bringing herbs to life!

Inquire regarding local overnight accommodations. 

Course content is determined by garden allies in residence, rhythms & patterns in nature and guided by wise woman ways...The croft is in a dynamic state of flux...allowing new material, information and decomposition to move through naturally. The following is a general outline of the territory we'll be passing through...Guest presenters may join in. 

March 14-15 Hands-On Herbs:  The art and craft of simpling, nourishing herbal infusions-

going deeper, nettle, willow, hedges and edges. Spring tonics. Provisioning for the journey...

April 17-18-19: Garden Camp...Hands-On Gardens. Cultivating abundance...

May 9-10 Hands-On Herbs: foraging, wild & cultivated food, salad, hawthorn flower & leaf, roses, alliums, dandelions, horsetail and what they're good for! Green allies abound. Approaching summer. Fertility. 

June 12-13-14: Herbal Medicine Maker's Camp, Hands-On: Herbal Medicine Making

July 11-12 Hands-On Herbs: Immune system, lymphatics, respiratory toning and strengthening; Elderberry, Lavender, Linden. Inflammation, cooling fire, soothing, moistening, nourishing...Summer. Joy. 

August 7-8-9: Food Camp, Unleashed: Hands-On: Local & global food traditions through time & place.

September 12-13: Hands-On Herbs: Heart health, circulation, blood; apples, hawthorn fruit, ginger, cayenne, zanthoxylums. Bioflavinoids, free radicals, adaptogens and longevity. Movement, Happiness...

October 10-11: Hands-On Herbs: Roots and seeds, elecampane, comfrey & dandelion roots, bone broth. Harvesting & processing seed. More rockin' dirt time! An in-depth exploration of joints, ligaments and the sinews that hold you together. Flexibility. Resilience. 

November 14-15: Hands-On Herbs: Magical plants, visioning, love potions, natural scent therapy, dream pillows, flying ointments. Approaching darkness. Story-ing.

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changing the meaning of medicine...

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