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to RavenCroft Garden 
connecting people, plants and the earth the wise woman way...


 Life-long learning and herbal apprenticeship are the heart & soul

of RavenCroft Garden. 

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Integrated Earth Medicine Camps 

  • April: Garden Camp: Cultivating life. From compost to medicine and everything in between.

  • June: Herbal Medicine Making Camp Hands-on how-to from the garden to the medicine cabinet.

  • August: Food Camp, Unleashed: Enter the timeless world of fermented food of the world. And the food traditions that go with them.

Each camp is 3 days of condensed, hands-on learning for cultivating natural health & earth-centered well-being for growth and transformation.

lake tradition

Herb Walks 
Plant Medicine Rambles

Herb Walks in local river valleys, mountains and cities. Become a person of place as you learn an ecological and historical overview of the region and the plants that live here.

Deepen your connection with people, plants and the earth through time in Cascadia. 

  • Herbalism of Place (HOP)

  • Botany 

  • Plant ID

  • Herbal Medicine & Medicine of Place

  • From an ecological & ethnobotanical perspective.

Health From the

Ground Up

Herbal Apprenticeship 

  • HGU: 9 Weekends March - November (on-going enrollment) 

  • LIA: 2 week Live-In Herbal Apprenticeship for Women    March - November

This experiential, hands-on herbal apprenticeship brings herbs to life and gives you the skills & practice to...

Become a Keeper of:

  • Herbal Wisdom

  • A Healing Path Accessible to All

  • Wisdom to Cultivate Life & Give Death

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