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2022 HGU Apprentice applications now being accepted 

2022 Health From the Ground Up Apprenticeship (HGU)

9 months March - November (scroll down for dates)

Tuition: $1999. US paid in full by February 23, 2022
Saturday: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Sunday: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Health From the Ground Up herbal apprenticeship includes:

  • 18 days onsite instruction + field trips + optional homework

  • + 3 Integrated Earth Medicine Camp bonus days

  • 1 year membership in the HerbWiseWomen online community at the RootWiseWomen level ($299. value)

  • Fresh herbs monthly for making your take home personal materia medica

  • You will take home herbal preparations for home use each month. 

  • This apprenticeship sets a strong foundation for your lifelong journey with plants, the earth and community.

Each apprentice weekend with EagleSong includes a talking stick ceremony, an herb walk, 2 local food lunches and all instruction. With prior arrangement, apprentices may purchase rustic overnight accommodation at RavenCroft Garden. Inquire for details.

Health From the Ground Up = HGU

HGU is a 9-month herbal apprenticeship, meeting one weekend each month, March through November.  The curriculum is dynamic and changes with the seasons. New material is continually added, and following nature's lead, the old is composted, providing nourishment for generative growth.

HGU runs concurrently with RavenCroft Weekend Herb Workshops and three 3-day Integrated Earth Medicine Camps

As an apprentice, you will:

  • Craft a foundation for using herbs safely, wisely and effectively in your daily life

  • Learn to identify, harvest and use common weeds, wild plants and dooryard herbs

  • Grow plants as food & medicine using generative methods, including no-dig & permaculture

  • Tend gardens with diverse species including poultry & small livestock

  • Create optimum nourishment inspired by global traditions through time

  • Make and use effective herbal remedies 

  • Cultivate the skills of a naturalist

  • Recognize 3 traditions of health and 6 steps of healing the wise woman way

  • Create a personal materia medica you can use and expand for the rest of your life 

  • Develop an understanding of well-being using energy woven through seasonal cycles of nature

  • Practice deep listening and "seeing" through the veil

  • Access the Wise Healer within

  • Approach listening to hear the "language of the land" 

  • Engage outside projects and extensive reading...YES! There is homework!

"I'm new to herbs and natural health and feel called to nature. Is there a place for me in this program?"


People of all levels are encouraged to participate. Through curiosity and willingness...learning becomes a reciprocal agreement with life. HGU meets you wherever you are and grows from there.


"Being in circle with the Talking Stick every month was

certainly one of the unexpected highlights of my year." Jennell 


Does this sound like what you're looking for? 

Registration is a 3-step process

  1. Send a letter of intent (see below) and a $100. non-refundable application fee

  2. Phone interview

  3. Upon acceptance, proceed with tuition payment as agreed in your phone interview


Send letter of intent and application fee to:

EagleSong Gardener 

PO Box 837

Monroe, WA 98272

Include the following in your letter of intent:

  • The current date, your name, address, phone number, email, occupation, health concerns and date of birth. 

  • List your educational experiences, work positions and passion relating to herbs, gardens, kitchens and apothecary! 

  • Tell me what you hope to gain from your apprenticeship with me. 

      Include a $100. non-refundable application fee.

  • Upon receipt, I'll schedule a call and talk with you. Afterwards, if we are in agreement, I’ll send you a letter of acceptance, annotated reading list and supplies you will need to bring. ​

  • In the rare event I cannot fulfill your intention, your application fee and letter of intent will be returned.

Tuition Payment Options:

  • Total tuition $1999. + $100. application fee 

  • Pay in full by February 23, 2022: You may pay by cash, check or credit card via postal mail.

Work exchange/Barter (WE/B):

Participate in the hands-on crofting practicum whilst reducing your tuition. Requires a commitment of 6 ~ 6 hour days of crofting contribution during your year apprenticeship. Participation is a commitment. You will receive a refund for practicum hours at the end of the apprenticeship.  Past apprentices frequently celebrated the vitality and depth the crofting practicum brought to their learning experience.

Interested? Questions? Email: with WE/B in subject line

Tuition includes:

  • 21 days instruction (150 hours) + homework (50 hours)

  • 21 local food lunches 

  • Simple overnight accommodation available for apprentices. Covered outdoor and tent space available.

  • HGU Herbal Ally Notebook ~ Personal Materia Medica

  • Healing Wise Susun Weed's big green book for everybody. If you already have this book, let me know.

  • Access to an extensive library covering herbal, farming, goddess, women's studies & more

  • Access to plants and simple tools for natural gardening, herbal medicine making, traditional food preparation

  • Direct experience with a web of life integrating greenhouse, gardens and small livestock

  • Access to an established (30 yr) generative garden with hundreds of herbs, weeds, native and exotic plants, vegetables, fruits, berries, woodlot plants, hedges and edges...and a thriving community of birds, insects, mammals, reptiles & microbes plus chickens, geese, goats and various cats

  • Access to a living labyrinth changing through time and space

  • Field trips and rambles to local farms, parks, commons and wild places

  • Local artisans and craftspersons sharing their expertise as guest instructors

  • And, perhaps, best of all, a table next to the hearth!

Required Books and Supplies: 

Not included in tuition fee...

  • Common Herbs for Natural Health by Juliette de Bairacli Levi, Gathering the Desert by Gary Paul Nabhan

  • Cost of supplies for medicine making i.e. alcohol, vinegar, honey, jars, etc. 

  • Dried herbs for personal use (approximately 1 lb. per month)

  • Vodka, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz jars with tight fitting lids 

  • Cost of supplies for occasional handmade craft projects

  • Additional fees run approximately $200.00



Are you ready to take the 13th Step? 

Are you willing to expand beyond comfortable limits as you perceive them? 

Does this sound like what you are looking for?

Are you ready to liberate your inner herbalist? 

If the answer is yes to these questions...

Act now:

Send your letter of intent (as outlined above) and a $100. non-refundable application fee via snail mail. Your deep consideration of this undertaking is appreciated...

EagleSong Gardener  

PO Box 837

Monroe, WA 98272
Questions: 360-794-2938 


2022 HGU Apprentice Meeting Dates

Course content is determined by garden allies in residence, rhythms & patterns in nature and guided by wise woman ways...The following is a general outline of the territory we'll be passing through...each apprentice weekend with EagleSong Gardener includes a Talking Stick ceremony, an herb walk, local food lunch and all instruction. Guest presenters may join in. 


Learn more: Weekend Herb Workshops 

March 12-13 | HGU Apprenticeship begins...The Art and Craft of Simpling, Nourishing Herbal Infusions, nettle, willow, hedges and edges. 3 traditions of healing. Springing into health. Grounding and Navigation. Crafting the container. Igniting the central fire. Provisioning for the journey.


April 8-9-10 | 3-Day Garden Camp...Cultivating abundance...From the Ground Up...

May 14-15 | Hands-On Health Spring Tonics. Bite Buds. Green medicine.

June 11-12 | Hands-On Health Summer. Zenith. 


July 8-9-10 | 3-Day Herbal Medicine Maker's Camp From the garden to the medicine cabinet 

August 12-13-14 | 3-Day Food Camp, Unleashed For the intrepid food explorer... Gut. Intelligence. Intuition.    

September 10-11 | Hands-On Harvest Hearts. Movement. Happiness.

October 8-9: Hands-On Health: Sinews.Flexibility. Resilience. 

November 13: Hands-On Health: Magical plants, visioning, love potions, natural scent therapy, dream pillows, flying ointments. Approaching darkness. Falling. Spiraling. Transformation.

November 14: HGU Apprentice Celebration: This is your day...graduation, presentations, optional earthy-green witch initiation, spiraling into the center...Seeds, story, feasting, family, approaching darkness...

Refunds of Apprentice Fees

Due to the nature of the commitment required of apprentices, all apprentice fees are non-refundable but may be used at any time.

Unsure about committing? Check out other options for working with me...


In Person: Integrated Earth Medicine Camps, Weekend Herb WorkshopsHerb Walks


Online: Garden Opens ~ Seasonal CelebrationsMoon Lodge

Please consider deeply your willingness and ability to commit to adventurous endeavor

in unexplored territory!

"I know that I am different, better, deeper and wiser. I have more internal questions. My eyes are open to the individuality of the green things that grow, the dark of the earth, the rhythms of my life"...Sharyn