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2021 Calendar of Events

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Schedule of Events 2021

Monroe, WA 

PO Box 837, Monroe, WA 98272 phone: 360-794-2938

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Garden Opens are free.  An optional Small Teachings workshop can be added on for $35....



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Sunday, January 31: Garden Open: A Triple Goddess Give Away Celebration opens the 30th garden season at RavenCroft. Join me to celebrate Imbolc, St. Brigit's Day, Groundhog Day, Candlemas. Imbolc is the mid-point between winter solstice and the vernal equinox and my 70th birthday! We'll be out in the new outdoor 600sq. ft. Gathering Space to eat cake, celebrate, give-away and bless the garden as the green unfurls...RSVP is necessary to participate:


Saturday & Sunday, March 13-14: HGU Apprenticeship

Saturday: March 13: Hands-On Herbs: Grounding in place with seasonal rhythms. The art & craft of simpling.  Engaging optimum nourishment year round.

Sunday: March 14: Hands-On Herbs: Foraging early greens, spring tonics. A sure cure for Spring Fever!

March 22: Garden Open Vernal Equinox, Small teaching: Seeds: Becoming a Seed Keeper



April 6: Mid-Spring LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

April 17, 18, 19: Garden Camp, Hands-on how-to for crafting your own generative

garden. No-dig, permaculture, organic strategies are all here, RavenCroft being a highly experimental garden. You can explore and learn from EagleSong's lifelong garden experience in gardens with many purposes. Get your hands in the dirt from flower boxes to acreage...

April 22: Herb Walk, Lake Tradition Trail, Issaquah POSTPONED

April 22: NEW! FB Live Herb Walk at the Secret Garden! Join me here at Noon


May 3: Garden Open: Beltane Garden Open, 

May 3: BOCA: No-Turn Composting, soil fertility, garden myth busting

May 4: Early Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins 

May 9-10: HGU Apprenticeship Green allies abound. 

May 9-10: Hands-On Herbsforaging, wild & cultivated food, salad, hawthorn flower & leaf, roses, alliums, dandelions, horsetail and what they're good for! Green allies abound. Approaching summer. Fertility. Registration OPEN!

**May 13: Herb Walk, Snoqualmie Valley, Duvall, WA 


June 8: Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

June 13-14: Herbal Medicine Making Camp, Hands-On Herbal Medicine Making. 3 full, action-packed days of herbal medicine making from the ground up. Safe, effective, accessible!

**June 17: Herb Walk Waterfront Park, Leavonworth, WA, meet plants east of the Cascades

June 21: Garden Open: Summer Solstice, Small teaching: St. Joanswort...what's she good for? You'll make a take-away tincture & oil.


July 6: Mid-Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

July 11-12: HGU: Apprenticeship mid-summer. Summer. Joy  

July 11-12: Hands-On Herbs: Immune system, lymphatics, respiratory care. Elderberry, marshmallow, linden, echinacea, boneset. Chronic & acute inflammation, cooling fire, soothing, moistening, nourishing...

**July 15: Herb Walk UW Medicinal Herb Garden, Center for Urban Horticulture,

UW Urban Farm, Seattle WA


August 2: Garden Open: 1st Harvest, Breaking Bread, Small teaching: Grains of the World

August 3: Late Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

August 8-9: HGU ApprenticeshipCulture rises from earth. 

August 8-9: Food CampHands-On local~global food traditions. Fermentation.  

August 12: Herb Walk, Iron Goat Trail, Stevens Pass, WA

**August 20-23: NW Herb Symposium, Whidbey Island, WA website Cancelled


September 7: Early Fall LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

September12 -13: Health From the Ground UP 3 hour online course Register 

September 12 - 13: Hands-On HerbsHeart health, circulation, blood; apples, hawthorn fruit, ginger, cayenne, zanthoxylums. Bioflavinoids, free radicals, adaptogens and longevity. Movement, Happiness...

September 20: Fall Equinox Garden Open, Small teaching: Digging Roots, Planting Bulbs

**September 25-27: Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference, is online.  Check it out! PWHC

RavenCroft Garden is a proud sponsor of the only NW Herb Conference operating in 2020


October 5: Late Fall LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

October 7: Herb Walk TBD

October 10 -11: HGU: Apprenticeship, evening projects

October 10 -11: Hands-On Herbs: Roots & Seeds, elecampane, comfrey, dandelion, heirloom beans, bone broth, turning toward darkness. An in-depth visit with joints, ligaments, tendons and the sinews that bind you together. 

October 31 - November 1: Earth Witch Intensive, Dancing through the Veil, witches, worts & wisdom...Stay tuned.


November 14 - 15: HGU: Apprenticeship Presentations, Ceremony of Completion

November 14 - 15: Hands-On HerbsMagical plants, visioning, love potions, natural scent therapy, dream pillows, flying ointments. Approaching darkness. Story-ing.


December 20: Solstice Garden Open, Winter Spiral Celebration, Song, Dance & Feasting, Bonfire

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