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RavenCroft Garden

2020 Calendar of Events

Herbal Apprenticeships, Weekend Workshops, Integrated Earth Medicine Camps, Herb Walks & Garden Opens 












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RavenCroft Garden

Schedule of Events 2020

Monroe, WA 

PO Box 837, Monroe, WA 98272 phone: 360-794-2938


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Garden Opens are free.  An optional Small Teachings workshop can be added on for $35....



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February 2: Garden Open: A Triple Goddess Give Away Celebration opens the 29th garden season at RavenCroft. Join me to celebrate St. Brigit's Day, Groundhog Day, Candlemas, the mid-point between the winter solstice and May Day and my 69th birthday! We'll eat cake, enjoy a give-away and bless the garden as the green unfurls...

RSVP eaglesong08@gmail.com



March 9: Early-Spring LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

March 14-15: HGU Apprenticeship: Crafting the container. 

March 14-15: Hands-On Health: Simpling, Nourishing Herbal Infusions...Nettle, Willow, Hedges & Edges, 

March 22: Garden Open Vernal Equinox, Small teaching: Seeds




April 6: Mid-Spring LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

April 17, 18, 19: Garden Camp, Hands-on how-to for crafting your own healing


April 22: Herb Walk, Lake Tradition Trail, Issaquah



May 3: Garden Open: Beltane Garden Open, Small teaching: BOCA Composting, fertility

May 4: Early Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

May 9-10: HGU Apprenticeship Green allies abound. Approaching summer. Fertility.  

May 9-10: Hands-On Health foraging, wild & cultivated food, hawthorn flower & leaf, roses, alliums, dandelions, cleavers and what they're good for!

**May 13: Herb Walk, Snoqualmie Valley, Duvall, WA



June 8: Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

June 12-13-14: Herbal Medicine Making Camp, Hands-On Herbal Medicine Making. 3 full, action-packed days of herbal medicine making from the ground up.

**June 17: Herb Walk Waterfront Park, Leavonworth, WA, plants east of the Cascades

June 21: Garden Open: Summer Solstice, Small teaching: St. Joanswort...what's she good for?



July 6: Mid-Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

July 11-12: HGU: Apprenticeship mid-summer   

July 11-12: Hands-On Health: Immune system tonification, echinacea, elderberry, lavender, linden. Cooling fire, soothing, moistening  

**July 15: Herb Walk UW Medicinal Herb Garden, Center for Urban Horticulture,

UW Urban Farm, Seattle WA



August 2: Garden Open: 1st Harvest, Breaking Bread, Small teaching: Grains of the World

August 3: Late Summer LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

August 7-8-9: HGU Apprenticeship

August 7-8-9: Food CampHands-On local~global food traditions.Culture rises from earth. 

August 14: Herb Walk, Iron Goat Trail, Stevens Pass, WA

**August 20-23: NW Herb Symposium, Whidbey Island, WA website


September 7: Early Fall LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

September12 -13: HGU: Apprenticeship weekend, evening projects

September 12 - 13: Hands-On Health: Harvest season, Hearts: How They Work, Circulation, Movement, Hedge Medicine, Haw Berries, rooting happiness...

September 20: Fall Equinox Garden Open, Small teaching: Digging Roots, Planting Bulbs

**September 24-27: Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference, Vashon Is, WA website


October 7: Late Fall LIA: Live-In Apprenticeship begins

October 9 Herb Walk TBD

October 10 -11: HGU: Apprenticeship, evening projects

October 10 -11: Hands-On Health: Roots & Seeds, elecampane, comfrey, dandelion, heirloom beans, bone broth, turning toward darkness. An in-depth visit with joints, ligaments, tendons and the sinews that bind you together. 

October 30 - November 1: Earth Witch Intensive, Dancing through the Veil, witches, worts & wisdom...more coming...


November 14 - 15: HGU: Apprenticeship Presentations, Ceremony of Completion

November 14 - 15: Hands-On Health 




December 20: Solstice Garden Open, Community Labyrinth Celebration, Song, Dance & Feasting, Bonfire